The TRIO is a full two bedroom compact modular home that has been designed to maximise internal space. Just under 40m2 the TRIO comprises a kitchen, dining living module and a connecting corridor to the bedrooms featuring a bathroom and laundry. The TRIO is designed with comfort in mind and includes a modern kitchen and bathroom. It has a full height glazed door and large aluminium double glazed windows with attached insect screens. All electrical and plumbing systems are installed in New Zealand by qualified tradespeaople and are ready for attachment to site services.


The module has floors, walls and ceilings fully insulated and as all glass is double glazed they are easy and inexpensive to heat or cool.


Fully relocatable, the TRIO can be transported to a prepared site and erected in a matter of hours.


346 Flaxton Road, Rangiora

PO Box 12-114 Beckenham, Christchurch

+64 27 220 1424