People all around the world are realising just how beneficial modular buildings and homes are. These homes are perfect for many different kinds of people and families, and they might be perfect for you, too. Yet, you might have a crucial question on your mind – how long do the best off-site manufactured NZ homes last?

This is a very reasonable question to have. We know that traditional homes that are built where they stand can last for quite a while if cared for correctly, but what about modular homes? It would be very disappointing to invest in a gorgeous modular home only for it to not last as long as you’d like. 

Keep on reading to learn the answer to this question and the factors that go into your home’s lifespan. 

How Long Will My Modular Home Last?

This question can have several answers depending on the builders who build your home, the quality of the materials used, how well the home is cared for and so on. 

However, in general, the best off-site manufactured homes in NZ can last for over 50 years. Yes, you can enjoy your gorgeous modular home for many, many decades. 

As mentioned above, the lifespan of your specific home may vary depending on several qualities, such as:

  • The Quality Of The Build. Naturally, homes that are created by talented, well-trained builders will stand stronger than homes built by less-experienced builders. Always hire a reputable modular home building company if you want the best results possible. Although higher-quality builds will cost a bit more, they’ll be worth it because less costly modular buildings tend to have shorter lifespans.
  • The Quality Of The Materials. Stronger materials mean a stronger building. The best off-site manufactured homes in NZ are built with high-quality materials that are used in a way that maximises your lovely home’s potential. 
  • Maintenance. A home that isn’t cared for is more likely to break down sooner. Once your home is yours, be sure to care for it well to keep it safe and secure.

What Should I Know About Choosing To Have A Modular Home?

If you’re interested in a wonderful modular home, there are heaps of interesting facts that you should know. Knowing these details will help you make your choice with confidence and zeal. 

You may be happy to learn that the best off-site manufactured homes in NZ come with many advantages, such as:

They Are Built Relatively Quicker. Some people may worry that if their home isn’t built until they order it, won’t they have to wait a while for it to be built? Although you will need to wait for it to be put together, you won’t need to wait an unreasonably long amount of time – modular homes are often built 30% faster than traditional homes.

The fast construction is due to the fact that modular homes are built in a controlled environment rather than built on-site. This means that your marvellous new home will be put together in a location that’s protected from weather and the elements and then transported to its final destination. 

The controlled environment means that builders don’t have to worry about bad weather, other environmental factors or losing daylight; they can simply focus on getting your magnificent new home built.

They Are Very Customisable. The best off-site manufactured homes in NZ have layouts that can be modified to your content. Once you choose a base design, you can modify your future home’s layout to suit your needs. 

For example, if you choose The Hip-Hop design that we offer at Affordable Modular Homes, you can alter the layout. Some people worry that they won’t like the design of their new home, but you don’t need to stress about this when you get a modular home. This wonderful customisation feature allows your new home to reflect your needs and style perfectly. 

If you’re unsure how to alter your home’s layout, you can consult our team to ask for advice.

They Have A High Level Of Quality. Because these homes are built in a controlled environment, the home builders can focus more on quality without worrying about outside factors. They can focus on every little detail to ensure that your new home is absolutely perfect.

You’ll never have to worry about lazy craftsmanship or cut corners when you hire reliable builders like the ones on our team at Affordable Modular Homes. People who live in our beautiful homes enjoy quality and security when they stay in the best off-site manufactured homes in NZ.

Where Can I Learn More About Modular Buildings And My New Zealand Modular Home Options?

If you want your new home to be long-lasting, have a quick building process and be built efficiently, look no further than us at Affordable Modular Homes. Our delivery and construction process is designed to deliver the incredible results that you need!

If you’d like to know more, we welcome you to call us at 027 208 3156. We’d be happy to discuss your modular home wishes. 

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