The Hip-Hop, the most versatile compact home.

 The Hip-Hop provides the best of compact living. Constructed of three or four of our modules the delightful Hip-Hop can provide a home of from one to three bedrooms.

We have shown some layouts on this page but are able to modify the layout to suit your location or your lifestyle.

Made of permanent materials with a mild steel frame and coloursteel insulated panel walls, the home is long lasting and carries a full ten year warranty. 

The Hip-Hop features a modern kitchen with the best of materials made locally at Millbrook Kitchens in Rangiora. While we have a standard kitchen design we are able to meet your personal requests in terms of layout and appliances.

This delightful unit  fully complies with NZ Building Codes and can be supplied with all documentation necessary for local authority permits.

Ready to place onto your site and prepared foundations, we can deliver to all parts of New Zealand.

For more information   and an opportunity to discuss your particular requirements please feel free to contact us.





These two plans show two possible layouts of the Hip-Hip, the two and three bedroom version.