Many people are recognising the amazing benefits of transportable homes, which are also known as modular homes. These efficient, compact homes effortlessly combine comfort and practicality. Many people all around New Zealand are discovering that these advantageous housing solutions are perfect for their lifestyles.

After reading through this article, you’ll find that high-quality modular homes are the ideal solution for countless types of people. Everyone from happy families to hard-working business people to RSE workers can find happiness and comfort in a well-built modular home. 

So, what specifically makes these homes so great?

The Many Benefits Of Comfortable Modular Homes In Aotearoa

These homes come with a plethora of amazing advantages, including:

Impressive Flexibility. Did you know that you can customise the layout of transportable homes? These types of homes often have pre-designed layouts that you can choose from. For example, we at Affordable Modular Homes offer a range of layouts, including our popular Hip-Hop homes and our cosy Trio homes.

These homes are lovely as they are, but you can actually modify their standard layout to suit your lifestyle better. Are you unsatisfied with where everything currently is? No worries, you can choose your own layout, and we’ll handle the rest.

Relocatability. Our Solo units are fully relocatable. They efficiently use their space to provide inhabitants with everything they need to be happy and comfortable. These qualities make them perfect for short-term staff and RSE (recognised seasonal employers) workers. 

There’s a real shortage of accommodation for RSE workers, and these charming Solo units are a great solution to that. These units can offer workers everything they need to be satisfied while working in New Zealand. Plus, we at Affordable Modular Homes can provide these units at around 2/3rds of the price of most other providers.

RSE workers are essential for New Zealand’s economy, and providing them with smart housing solutions that are both comfortable and affordable is a must. These Solo units are easily transportable and can be set up in many parts of Aotearoa, including rural areas, so RSE workers should have no problem having suitable housing near wherever they’re working.

Affordability. Transportable homes, in general, are often much more affordable than homes that are built on-site. This means they’re an ideal choice for first-home buyers or people who need a great home but are on a budget. 

Comfort. Many people are surprised at just how comfortable compact homes can be. The modern person really doesn’t need a massive house or giant yard to be content, and modular homes show that. 

This ability to be happy and satisfied in smaller spaces is encapsulated by the ever-popular tiny homes movement tiny homes movement, which is about simplifying life and living more minimally. Downsizing your home can also help you lower your impact on the environment. 

transportable homes

We’re thrilled to provide tiny home enthusiasts with charming tiny homes. We’ll provide you with a lovely home that smartly uses its space, and you can improve the interior yourself with clever design tips such as:

  • Use Light Colours. Lighter colours like beige and off-white make a space feel more open and large.
  • Use Multi-Functional Pieces. These are furniture pieces that have several functions, such as a stool that doubles as a storage container.
  • Think Vertically. You can use floating shelves and wall decor to beautifully decorate a space without making everything feel cluttered.

Quick Construction. Transportable homes can be built very quickly, making them a great option for people who need new homes fast. Plus, the quick construction time is simply just convenient. This benefit is also great for RSE workers who may only be in New Zealand for a short period of time and who need housing as soon as possible. 

While a traditional home that’s built on-site may take over a year to complete, modular homes can be completed in a few months or less.

This speedy build time is because transportable homes are built off-site in a controlled environment. The builders don’t need to worry about outside factors like the weather or the darkness of the night. 

This controlled environment also means that quality control is much easier for builders. When they eliminate distracting outside factors and always have a good light source, they can more easily ensure that every home component they create is perfectly up to par. Excellent quality control leads to beautiful, robust homes that are made to last.

Whom To Call If You’re Interested In One Of These Quality Tiny Homes

Whether you want a trendy tiny home or you need accommodation for RSE workers, we at Affordable Modular Homes are here for you. We’re thrilled to be helping all kinds of people, from native Kiwis to much-appreciated RSE workers, by providing them with sturdy housing that’s comfortable and practical. 

If you’re interested in our services, we’d gladly speak with you about what we do. Feel free to call us on 027 208 3156 to get in touch with our friendly team. 

Enjoy all of the amazing benefits of transportable homes with Affordable Modular Homes.