If you’re looking for a brand-new home in New Zealand, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of modular homes in NZ, and you probably have a big question on your mind – what advantages do these homes have over traditional homes? You want the absolute best that you can get, so you deserve to know all of the awesome benefits of these innovative homes.

What Are Modular Homes?

To put it simply, modular homes are homes that are constructed in pieces off-site in a controlled location. Once their components are completed, they’re transported to the home’s final site and put together quickly and efficiently. 

So, once you work out what you want with your home-building company and you’ve taken care of all the things that need to be done, your home builders will begin to work on your new home. They’ll work hard to construct everything. Once it’s complete, they’ll move everything to your selected property and set everything up for you.

What Advantages Do Modular Homes Have Over Traditional Homes?

You may be asking, ‘What exactly is so advantageous about this building method?’ Fantastic NZ modular homes are so incredible because of the following outstanding qualities:

Impressively Speedy Build Time. Creating a home from nothing isn’t exactly a simple (or fast!) task. Plans need to be made, workers contracted, materials acquired, etc. The entire process of creating a traditional home usually takes around seven to twelve months. Patience is a virtue, but that’s a long time to wait for your new home! This build time could also be extended due to working complications. 

A modular home, on the other hand, can be fully completed and erected 30-50% faster than that. Your exact build times will depend on your circumstances, but in general, you should expect to be moving in within a few short months. 

This speedy construction applies to both creating home components and putting your new home together on your property. 

Shockingly Affordable Prices. Buying and building a home isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean it has to drain your bank account. You’ll be happy to know that NZ modular homes are wonderfully affordable – especially for the amazing quality you’re getting! 

The overall costs of having a modular home built are often much lower than having a traditional house built.

Flexible, Customisable Designs. A major problem with looking for a new home is that it’s difficult to find homes you’re 100% happy with. There’s always some little thing or detail that doesn’t sit quite right with you. Most of us decide to deal with it, but what if you could change it?

When you choose a modular home, you can do exactly that. These home designs are flexible and allow you to make alterations to fit your needs. 

For example, have a look at a layout on our site, The Trio. This gorgeous, sizable home design is a perfect example of how wonderful compact NZ modular homes can be. It makes excellent use of its space and is perfect for a starter home, a space for relatives, etc. Our method of construction allows you to choose the home’s layout, where you want the plumbing, where you want the lighting and so on. Just imagine working on a home layout and then seeing it with your own eyes when it’s completed. 

Consistent Exceptional Quality. A significant advantage of building in a controlled environment is that our workers never have to worry about outside factors.

Think about it; there are so many disruptive things to worry about when home builders create a home on-site. Harsh weather, limited daylight and more can all slow down build time and quality. These things can all disrupt home builders and result in accidents or low productivity. 

But when hardworking home builders are constructing NZ modular homes in a controlled environment, they don’t have to worry about any of that. They can simply focus on what’s right in front of them. This means that the quality of your home’s components will be more consistent and amazing 

Perfect For Starter Homes, Holiday Homes, Offices And More! Are you looking for a quaint starter home for your growing family? A lovely holiday home to escape to on vacations? An office where you can get your work done? An extension for loving relatives? No matter the reason, all of the benefits listed above mean that a modular home could be perfect for you. 

Modular homes are built and used for countless different reasons. They provide you with the comfort and quality you need to be happy and safe.

I’m Interested! Where Can I Go To Learn More?

Are you interested in NZ modular homes? You can easily learn more about your incredible opportunities by visiting our website at Affordable Modular Homes. Here, you can learn all about what goes into purchasing and building a wonderful modular home.

Or, you could also call our team directly at 027 208 3156. We’d be happy to answer any thoughts or questions you have about modular homes. 

Discover the joys of cosy, quality modular homes with Affordable Modular Homes!